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Poster: fenario80 Date: Jan 10, 2012 10:41am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Garcia and Diana Ross and Disco: Back me Up Here

I grew up in the Boston suburbs in the 70's and attended a "white-flight" catholic high school - our small town local school that doubled in size and was radically changed by all the city kids who poured in after "busing" started.

(No time to explain busing, but wikipedia can if you're unfamiliar: )

Music was one of the many things that divided us: the suburban kids rocked and the city kids were all disco. They were also more racist, homophobic, and entirely more intolerant than we were.

There was exactly one African-American girl in my class from grades 1-12, and while I can't say that she had a lot of friends I do now for a fact that she never had any real trouble in school - until high school, when all the Irish-Catholic city kids came pouring in. High school was hell for her, I remember that well.

Of course, it being Massachusetts, we sheltered suburbanites were mostly knee-jerk liberals - but that is all really neither here nor there. My point is that, for the Dorchester and South Boston kids who came to our school, they loved disco mostly, I think, because it was up and happy and the girls liked to dance to it. Their taste in music was definitely NOT an indication of higher social sophistication. They just liked to dance.